Friday, 10 January 2014

When friends come to visit us for the first time at home in London, we give them our street address - and then add 'the house with the yellow door'.

Five years after I was posted to the UK to cover Europe for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, we are Aussie emigres: settled and active participants in a vibrant, friendly, south-east London neighbourhood. We are still adjusting to new lives without our older children, our parents, family and old mates. (We will probably never adjust to the insecurity of jettisoning (two) good salaries!)

Life's an adventure though. And it is never, ever boring.
Now that I've finished my Master's and am returning to freelancing, I've decided to blog about this new life, about the news and events in Europe that resonate with me - and my Australian news nose - and the things I see that make me want to turn around to you and say 'Wow! will you look at that!'

I hope that you'll walk with me through the yellow door and enjoy the Euro File.

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