Sunday, 4 January 2015

Maples, Wiltshire

Every now and then, nature puts on a display that leaves you without words, sans mots, speechless. Which is, as those of you who know me, rather odd. . . 

If you are a lover of the seasons and the dramatic changes they bring in the northern hemisphere, pay a visit to the Westonbirt arboretum in Wiltshire. A kind of tree museum established in Victorian times by a nature loving aristocrat, Robert Stayner Halford, it is one of those places that sear themselves into your memory and revisit in your dreams.

We've been in summer, autumn, spring and winter. Every time, nature offers something to gawp at. We always take the dog, plenty of treats to entice him to return - and we've never been disappointed.

I'm posting this photo today, actually taken in the autumn,because we were supposed to go to Wiltshire for a couple of days but at the eleventh hour, it ain't going to fit in. I'm really really disappointed but will just have to wait!

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