Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Okay, I admit it: I hate taking the Christmas tree down and the end of holiday thing brings on that 'whale of gloom/now to find work again/will I work again?' feeling . However being anal retentive about some things (see kids, I do admit it!) I got a little solace from packing them up in near perfection and by theme. Pathetic but it made the whole darned ritual bearable. . .at least I went to the gym today. Blah. Blecch. #notsureaboutjanuary

Funnily enough, seeing them all there makes me think of the stories attached to them...the jack in the box at the very back far left was bought when I was pregnant with Allegra. We knew it was a girl but pretended (or hinted to the other kids, Rosie, Stevie and Sean) that I loved the name Jack and steered them to it being a boy! 

The candles and holders were bought in a tiny bavarian town on one of our first forays while living in Europe, lots of the glass balls came from my mum who had a ritual - buy one new decoration each year. When we left, the majoiry became mine and there are still a couple I remember from childhood (which is a long bloody time ago!) There is a whole Australiana section at right, while the wooden stars at right are one each for the chidlren...ha, thinking about it all made me cheer up....the glass typewriter is this year's addition...hopefully an omen of lots of writing!

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