Thursday, 1 January 2015

One of the things I've promised myself in 2015 is to return to blogging. This time however, I want to do it with discipline: write short, write often, above all, write interesting. (I hope!)

I've traveled a lot on my own and one of the things that strikes me about lone adventuring is the never-ending urge to share experiences when you've seen something beautiful, unexpected, interesting.

I'd love this blog to be my 'OMG, will you look at that?! Have you read this? You simply MUST go and see X".

A Facebook aficionado, I love swapping life/stories/photos with friends all over the world and find that medium easy and natural. Blogging, at least for me when I started last year, felt like sharing into a vacuum, a monologue rather than a dialogue.

In 2015, I'm going to give Euro File another go: see if I can find a way to share not just the domestic but the political, the news worthy, the creative, indeed whatever takes my Euro-hearted fancy! 

So, happy New Year to you all - from the dog park on Sherlock's birthday of course!

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  1. Very happy to see you back! I think rather than writing into a void, blogging is just a slower thing. You have so many readers who'll be very keen to read this once they know it's here :-) And then with their added comments and thoughts and ideas, it becomes a wonderful living and breathing thing, not to mention a pretty fab journal. I love your photography, and it's been a treat reading FB posts of life in London. This gives us even more. X